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RE : [eclipse-stp] ObjectWeb representation at EclipseCON

Hi all,

Hereunder some complementary notes to be discussed during the audio,


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-----Message d'origine-----
De : Naci Dai [mailto:naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Envoyé : dimanche 19 mars 2006 17:37
À : eclipse-stp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; Alain BOULZE
Objet : Re: [eclipse-stp] ObjectWeb representation at EclipseCON


I think this is a good list.   I will prepares a small powerpoint. My 
notes are inlined.
> Hi Naci,
> Following our phone discussion today, and in order to allow you to
> representing ObjectWeb in the best way during the upcoming F2F meeting

> (wednesday, march 22 during EclipseCON), I suggest that we should 
> consolidate all together some information about the following topics :
> 1)- Our contributions and main focus :
> 1-a. JBI as a runtime supported by Eclipse STP (refer to discussions
> of the IRC last week or two weeks ago) : write/present a short 
> description of our contribution around JBI (tooling for development, 
> test and deployment of JBI components ; targeting a JBI run-time 
> environment such as Petals, as today run-time environments such as 
> Tuscany and Celtix are already targeted)

Can you also give me a list of ObjectWeb companies and names of people 
who are active in this area (i.e. petals, celtix)
==> PETALS : EBM WebSourcing : Adrien Louis, Gael Blondelle - Fossil
E-Commerce : Rafael Marins
==> CELTIX : IONA : Adi Sakala, Eric Newcomer (replacing Carl Trieloff)
==> complementary ESBi contributions : component-based distributed ESB :
* EBM WebSourcing, Adrien Louis, Gael Blondelle (architecture,
distributed JBI container, demonstrator for collaborative process)
* France Telecom R&D , Pascal Deschamboux
* ENSTIMAC, Ecole des Mines Albi, Frederick Benaben (demonstrator for
collaborative process)
* INRIA Jacquard, Philippe Merle, Romain Rouvoy (Fractal component
model, architecture, transaction monitor)
* INRIA ObjectWeb, Alain Boulze, Xavier Moghrabi (packaging of
open-source coherent components for service execution platform,
demonstrator vor valorization, dissemination, certification)
* INRIA Sardes, Sebastien Jean (Fractal component model, architecture,
internal distributed bus)
* OPEN WIDE, Fabrice Dewasmes  (orchestration engine, integration
demonstrator, Eclipse technology JWT project for generic workflow
* SCALAGENT, Roland Balter, Andre Freyssinet (internal distributed bus)
> 1-b. Consolidation with Eclipse WTP (Web Tools) : write/present a
> short description
I have already sent out an email about these and trying to organize a 
meeting during eclipsecon
> 2)- Other contributions and proposals :
> 2-a. Write/present a proposal for a process related to initial
> contributions
I have some process comments that I will summarize in a slide.
==> OK
> 3)- Comments/suggestions concerning Eclipse STP vs. BPEL and other
> verticals (refer to last discussions and mails)
==> promote cross projects cooperation and code reusing within Eclipse
==> keep BPMN & B2J as STP subprojects, as BPMN & B2J are not directly
competitors with BPEL project and have been committed during initial
startup phase of STP
> 4)- Other ?
> I propose that we all exchange through the mailing list, and check
> this information during a short audio  on next monday, march 20, 5pm 
> to 6pm (CET). Line for this audio will be  : +33 1 72 15 06 85
> Naci, let me know if you will be able to attend this audio; in any
> way, if you cannot, I'll send you a mail with the relevant
> Thanks a lot,   
> Rgds,
> Alain
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> Alain BOULZE
> mobile: +33(0)
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