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Re: RE : [eclipse-stp] ObjectWeb representation at EclipseCON

Dear Alain and all,

We had two meeting during eclipsecon about stp, one with the PMC members Carl/Karl/Oisin about the current issues and next steps, and the second meeting was a more widely attended committers face2face meeting on wednesday evening.

To do a short summary, the following topics were discussed:

- There are lot of opportunities for inter-project collaboration and  stp should promote it.  However, the proper approach would be to provide a potential subproject a home if they choose to be under STP and that it aligns with the STP charter.  bpmn and b2j are potential candidates both fall  into this category.  bpel project currently  is a project, although there are many commonalities that could be exploited, it will be upto the contributors of a subproject to decide if/when/what they choose to contributed to stp.  Some components such as wsdl and xml editors and server runtime adapters from wtp were also discussed as potential reuse opportunities.

- Only standard that STP stipulates is the SCA.  Project architecture will be determined by the SCA standard.  It was made clear that there will be runtimes that support other related standards such as OSGI (compuware), JBI (Petals/EBM WebSourcing), ServiceMix, etc..   STP will be open to contributions to provide mappings and  adapters from SCA to JBI/OSGI/tc.  and alternate runtimes.  I have indicated that ObjectWeb(EBM Web Sourcing) is prepared to contribute to the project in this respect. 

- Two initial code contributions are available b2j from scapa and SCA core models from IBM.  Eteration will get the build system started so that the project starts producing releases as early as the next two weeks.  Other contributions are so far very vague and it was not clear when they would be made.

- Currently, PMC is composed of IONA (Oisin) - RedHat (Karl) - Sysbase (Carl) and ObjectWeb (Alain).  It was decided that each entity to name a "second" to achieve a continuity.  This is an action item for Alain.

Hi all,

Hereunder some complementary notes to be discussed during the audio,


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-----Message d'origine-----
De : Naci Dai [mailto:naci.dai@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Envoyé : dimanche 19 mars 2006 17:37
À : eclipse-stp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx; Alain BOULZE
Objet : Re: [eclipse-stp] ObjectWeb representation at EclipseCON


I think this is a good list.   I will prepares a small powerpoint. My 
notes are inlined.
Hi Naci
Following our phone discussion today, and in order to allow you to
representing ObjectWeb in the best way during the upcoming F2F meeting

(wednesday, march 22 during EclipseCON), I suggest that we should 
consolidate all together some information about the following topics :
1)- Our contributions and main focus :
1-a. JBI as a runtime supported by Eclipse STP (refer to discussions
of the IRC last week or two weeks ago) : write/present a short 
description of our contribution around JBI (tooling for development, 
test and deployment of JBI components ; targeting a JBI run-time 
environment such as Petals, as today run-time environments such as 
Tuscany and Celtix are already targeted)

Can you also give me a list of ObjectWeb companies and names of people 
who are active in this area (i.e. petals, celtix)
==> PETALS : EBM WebSourcing : Adrien Louis, Gael Blondelle - Fossil
E-Commerce : Rafael Marins
==> CELTIX : IONA : Adi Sakala, Eric Newcomer (replacing Carl Trieloff)
==> complementary ESBi contributions : component-based distributed ESB :
* EBM WebSourcing, Adrien Louis, Gael Blondelle (architecture,
distributed JBI container, demonstrator for collaborative process)
* France Telecom R&D , Pascal Deschamboux
* ENSTIMAC, Ecole des Mines Albi, Frederick Benaben (demonstrator for
collaborative process)
* INRIA Jacquard, Philippe Merle, Romain Rouvoy (Fractal component
model, architecture, transaction monitor)
* INRIA ObjectWeb, Alain Boulze, Xavier Moghrabi (packaging of
open-source coherent components for service execution platform,
demonstrator vor valorization, dissemination, certification)
* INRIA Sardes, Sebastien Jean (Fractal component model, architecture,
internal distributed bus)
* OPEN WIDE, Fabrice Dewasmes  (orchestration engine, integration
demonstrator, Eclipse technology JWT project for generic workflow
* SCALAGENT, Roland Balter, Andre Freyssinet (internal distributed bus)
1-b. Consolidation with Eclipse WTP (Web Tools) : write/present a
short description
I have already sent out an email about these and trying to organize a 
meeting during eclipsecon
2)- Other contributions and proposals :
2-a. Write/present a proposal for a process related to initial
I have some process comments that I will summarize in a slide.
==> OK
3)- Comments/suggestions concerning Eclipse STP vs. BPEL and other
verticals (refer to last discussions and mails)
==> promote cross projects cooperation and code reusing within Eclipse
==> keep BPMN & B2J as STP subprojects, as BPMN & B2J are not directly
competitors with BPEL project and have been committed during initial
startup phase of STP
4)- Other ?
I propose that we all exchange through the mailing list, and check
this information during a short audio  on next monday, march 20, 5pm 
to 6pm (CET). Line for this audio will be  : +33 1 72 15 06 85
Naci, let me know if you will be able to attend this audio; in any
way, if you cannot, I'll send you a mail with the relevant
Thanks a lot,   
mobile: +33(0)

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