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JBI in Eclipse STP

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Dearl all,

Following EclipseCON (thanks again to Naci for volunteering), one item to push now at PMC level is to define an action plan for developing a JBI option for deployment, check the impact on SCA model , and package for JBI container.

Gael, for EBM WebSourcing, as Petals (ObjectWeb JBI container) project leader, has proposed by committing into STP project to provide Petals users, and more generally JBI developers, with the necessary development, test, deployment and monitoring tools :
contribution to the sc and soas subproject and specifically JBI related stuff
- more specifically, working on wizards to create a new JBI component, and to create artefacts for these components
- implementing features to deploy components to a JBI container, specifically Petals, and testing them
- following the work in core to ensure that the sca model enable smooth projection on JBI.

On INRIA ObjectWeb side, I already mentioned that concerning relationships b/w STP and runtimes standards, we would be able to provide some technical contribution (thanks to an architect who should be hired in the next three months), and contribute to the right integration b/w STP and the ObjectWeb runtime components under development (such as Petals, Celtix, JOnAS, OSGi environments, ...).
If you agree with this overall proposal, I propose that I will write some more detailed proposal (I will need some help from EBM WebSourcing team) to be discussed during the next PMS calls.
Let me know your feedback, and comments,
Best Regards,
INRIA Rhone-Alpes - ObjectWeb
ESB Initiative
email  : alain.boulze at objectweb.org
cell     : +33 (0)
phone : +33 (0)


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