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RE: [stp-pmc] Contributions to support JBI and especially Petals

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Hi all,


What we have in mind in the short term is that the JBI container could be considered as an opaque (black box) SCA sub-system and that we need some tools to handle pieces of codes that are deployed to this syb-system.

Specifically, these tools are for JBI service engine creation (specific wizards) and also to develop tools for service assembly (JBI deployment descriptors) creation.

Even if we are committed to build our tools based on the SCA core, I am not sure that in the short term we will be able to use the SCA specification to create the JBI service assemblies, and that’s why we propose to consider JBI as an SCA sub-system.


In the future, we will consider using the SCA model for JBI assembly description by leveraging our work about component based models for ESB with the Fractal component technologies provided by INRIA and ObjectWeb.


Concerning WSDL, it is clear that we will reuse the WSDL support from WTP project. But I still think that we will have to create a specific wizard in order to generate a JBI service engine from a WSDL.


Finally, as we have no plans to support SCA directly in Petals in the short term, we will work on:

-          JBI specific tools for a specific JBI supported sub-system

-          The link between this JBI sub-system and the rest of the SCA model

We want to propose those tools to STP as we think that JBI is part of the SOA landscape.






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À : Gael Blondelle
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Objet : TR : [stp-pmc] Contributions to support JBI and especially Petals


Hi Gael,


Here are some questions related to your contributions to Eclipse STP. Thanks for your reply and comments





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Objet : Re: [stp-pmc] Contributions to support JBI and especially Petals

I'm not sure if I completely understand this contribution.  Could you provide more detail?

1.  Is this to allow JBI elements to be used as implementations of an SCA component within an SCA Composite?
2.  If yes to 1 then which SCA implementation spec is this following?
3.  If no to 1 then are you expecting to deploy an SCA composite to a JBI container and not an SCA container?
        3a.  If so then what implementation types will be supported?
        3b.  If so then I don't understand what the wizards described below will be doing since this level of integration is only at deploy.
4.  Or are you just defining an SCA binding to allow for calling JBI services from within an SCA Composite?    
4.  You specify a wizard to create a WSDL but this will be done using WTP integrations.  Why would your contribution need to do something different for creating WSDLs?


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06/30/2006 09:17 AM

Please respond to
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[stp-pmc] Contributions to support JBI and especially Petals




Hi all,
Here is the description of ObjectWeb's contributions in Eclipse STP to support JBI
PS : I would like to write it directly to the website, but need some help
Eclipse plugins
There are several types of plugins to be provided in STP to support JBI containers and more specifically Petals for:

  • Service Creation
  • Service packaging
  • Test
  • Petals runtime support

Service Creation
Some wizards will be provided to create a JBI Service Engine or Binding Component.

This wizards will be based on a Binding component and Service Engine framework (including the Message Listener, a service unit manager skeleton, ...)

Tasks to be supported by these wizards are :

  • Generation of the component structure
  • Generation of the deployment descriptors
  • Generation of the WSDL to be procided to the JBI container by the component
  • Generation of the Service Unit Manager

These wizards will either use a POJO as the base for code generation, or generate an empty class for implementation.

Service packaging
A plugin will provide the capability to prepare for the deployment of JBI components, service units and service assemblies to a JBI compliant container:

  • Create the jbi deployment descriptor for a component
  • Create and package a Service unit descriptor
  • Create and package a Service assembly

The project will provide a Universal Test Client for JBI components. Such a client will be associated with a specific Binding Component and will give the opportunity to test a JBI component deployed on the container.

Typical steps are :

  • The test client gets the service WSDL
  • The plugin generates an interface from the service WSDL to neter parameters
  • Users can specify some JBI metadata
  • The plugin sends the message to the client and displys the results

Petals runtime support
Some tasks specific to Petals will be provided to :

  • Support Petals runtime inside Eclipse for debug purpose
  • Package and configure Petals distribs by integrating several JBI components with the Petals runtime _______________________________________________
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