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First thoughts about a Component based SOA stack based on the Fractal reflective component model

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Dear all,
You'll find hereunder some recent notes proposed by INRIA, summarizing ideas and thoughts about what could be a future Component based SOA stack, based on the Fractal reflective component model.
Have an interesting reading, and please feel free to react, comment and propose.
Best regards,
INRIA Rhone-Alpes - ObjectWeb
SOA Project Coordinator
email  : alain.boulze at objectweb.org
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The vision of middleware that underlies several efforts in ObjectWeb and in INRIA research work is that of the construction of software infrastructures using a reflective component model (as currently exemplified by the Fractal component model).

This approach provides several benefits:
This vision could lead some works in order to develop a new generation of middleware components for the ObjectWeb code base, providing in particular enough foundations for the assembly of a complete, highly modular, standards compliant "SOA stack", as well as a component-based re-engineeering of major ObjectWeb code base elements such as JOnAS and JORAM.
It could help too to evolve the ObjectWeb Fractal component technology towards a model providing a full-fledge integration of AOP and components, with linguistic support (e.g. ADL) for dynamically evolving architectures, and the support of architecture constraints. 

Distributed systems management

The next frontier for systems and middleware research is probably the construction of self-managed distributed systems, including notably automating the management of system configurations, performance, failure handling, and security. In the ObjectWeb community, work at INRIA on Jade, for instance, provides an early attempt at developing a component-based framework for self-managing systems. The goal of a work on this theme would be twofold :

ESB domain

Some studies have already started around the development of the JBI ESB Petals project, and are focusing on designing the functions and the behaviour of the Router, structuring the Router for a distributed environment, and representaing the ServiceAssemblies, using Fractal.

Cooperation with OrientWare

On those themes, experience gained and approaches developed by our OrientWare partner, e.g. at the U. of Bejing around ABC component model and the management of PKUAS, at the National Defense U. around CCM and at ISCAS on QoS management in J2EE servers, should prove of particular interest.

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