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Information about WWRF / WG2 activities

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    Working Group 2 Activities
    (Interim meeting, september 8, 2006,
    hosted by NTT DoCoMo EuroLabs, Muenchen, Germany)
    Chairs : Christophe Cordier, France Telecom R&D
    Mika Klemettinen, Nokia
    Klaus David, Univeristy of Kassel

A couple of days ago, ObjectWeb has been invited to attend a meeting organized by the WWRF (Wireless World research Forum), in the context of the "WWRF Working Group 2" activities (please refer to the enclosed slides).

The main thematic of this working group is about "a wireless world, incorporating 3G systems and beyond, offering end-user I-centric services implemented on top of fully cooperating, easily deployed, compatible and secure Service Execution Environments operated by all authorised parties involved in the value network".

The working group 2 is focusing now on providing White Papers, describing some features of a Service Platform, especially Service Architecture, Service Semantics, Service Creation, and is grouping companies and members, both industries and academics.

WWRF has shown a huge interest for the ObjectWeb community's activities, and especially those related to ESB initiative and SOA domain. On the other hand, the WWRF could be a very interesting place for disseminating ObjectWeb's technologies, projects and components, and for a promising collaboration in the Wireless usage domain.

WWRF WG2 is quite interested by contributions from ObjectWeb communitywhich could, in a first step, collaborate to the production of the WWRF WG2 next White Papers focusing on SOA, open grid service architecture, service execution environment, ...

If you have any interest for this proposal, please let me know.

Let me inform you too about the upcoming WWRF meeting, which will be held in Heidelberg, Germany, on next November 15-17, 2006.

WWRF will too communicate and participate to the upcoming IEEE VTC-2007 Spring in Dublin, Ireland, proposing a Special track on Ambient and Pervasive Wireless Systems (refer to the attached CfP).

Last, I remind you that a Joint workshop SPICE/S4ALL/WWI/Object Web on "ontology and semantic applied to service delivery platform“ will be held at Alcatel Paris HQ, December 13th, 2006, and that the upcoming ObjectWeb Architecture Meeting, at Alcatel Paris HQ, December 11th and 12th, 2006, will be collocated with this Joint workshop.

Best Regards,

INRIA Rhone-Alpes - ObjectWeb
SOA Project Coordinator
email  : alain.boulze at objectweb.org
cell     : +33 (0)
phone : +33 (0)

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