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Upcoming SOA/ESB event in Luxembourg

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SOA/ESB event in Luxembourg, November 30th, 2006

This event is co-organized by ObjectWeb, the Free and Open Source Software
(FOSS) Innovation Platform of the CRP Henri Tudor, and Pragma Consult.

The ObjectWeb community will give in-depth presentations of its activities around one main theme: integration solutions at large (ESB, SOA, EAI, EII, BPM…). We are still requesting proposals for this event. A CALL FOR PROPOSALS is available at :
http://libre.tudor.lu/objectweb/ - Deadline : october 31st, 2006.

Event description : The interest in integration platforms (ESB, EAI and more generally SOA) has exponentially grown in Luxembourg. Why? Certainly because this is a buzzword, but not only: as the responsibilities of information systems have greatly expanded, existing IT systems and newly built applications (using either .Net, J2EE or any other technology) are increasingly expected to exchange and share data. The first approach has been 'data integration' but this has rapidly shown its limitations. Structuring these data exchanges and urbanizing the IT systems has thus become a critical task and integration platforms have come into play, proposing ways to get through the 'integration spaghetti' problem. Currently, private companies and public sector are investigating possibilities to make use of such platforms.

The agenda of the event will include technical presentations, user-oriented and business presentations, proposed by various speakers: representatives of the co-organizers, members of the ObjectWeb community and other interested entities. The purpose is also to gather use cases from local entities in order to show how Luxembourg IT companies are solving integration problems.

Venue: CRP henri Tudor
29, avenue Johl F. Kennedy
L - 1855 Luxembourg

Registration at

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