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Re: [rntl-esb-2005] Meeting Intalio

At 19:14 07/12/2006, Alain Boulze wrote:
Dear all,

Through their collaboration in the Eclipse STP project; ObjectWeb and Intalio got a first brief contact around their activities in open source SOA and BPM domains.

The ObjectWeb ESB initiative, and the upcoming SOA initiative, federates today many actors and partners, and important actions around ESB and service component oriented open platforms, grouping tooling and run-time frameworks,  for applications to SOA and BPM usages. Intalio is providing an Open Source BPMS which natively supports the BPMN, BPEL and BPEL4People industry standards.

A conf call is organized on next Thursday, December 14th, at 5 pm, CET (8 am PST),  to exchange with Intalio and identify potential synergies and ways of collaboration.

Please let me know if you want to attend this conf call, and feel free to give your main points of interest that you want to be discussed.


I will attend the call

best regards

Best regards,

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