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[Fwd: [project-admins] ObjectWeb at Solutions Linux, January 30st - February 1st, 2007, Paris]

Hi all,

FYI ... Thanks to contact Catherine if you mgiht be interested in giving demonstrations of your projects on the ObjectWeb Village booth.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2007 !!

Kindest regards,

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Dear all,



We are currently preparing our participation to the upcoming Solutions Linux event, to be held on January 30th – February 1st in Paris (CNIT, Paris La Défense - http://www.solutionslinux.fr/en/index.php).


We will organize as last year an ObjectWeb Village in the main exhibition area and we plan to give projects demos on the booth during the 3 days. This might be a good opportunity for you, project leaders to come and present the latest news about your project.


As we‘ll set up an agenda for those demos, thanks for let me know by January 10th if you are interested.


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Best regards, Catherine


Catherine Nuel


INRIA - Inovallée


38 330 St Ismier - France

Tel : +33 4 76 61 55 01



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fn:Alain BOULZE
org;quoted-printable:INRIA Rh=C3=B4ne-Alpes;ObjectWeb Project
adr:Montbonnot;;INOVALLEE - 655, avenue de l'Europe;Saint-Ismier;;38330;France
title:SOA Project Coordinator
tel;work:+33 4 76 61 54 65
tel;fax:+33 4 76 61 55 63
tel;cell:+33 6 21 09 43 66

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