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[Fwd: [planetmde] CfP: SoSyM Theme Issue on Metamodeling]

FYI ...
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-------------- C A L L - F O R - P A P E R S --------------

for a Theme Issue of the Springer Verlag Journal
"Software and Systems Modeling" on

Web: http://www.mm.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/~kuehne/SoSyM/
PDF: http://www.mm.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/~kuehne/SoSyM/cfp-metamodeling.pdf

SoSyM Theme Issue on Metamodeling
Metamodeling has proven to be an important and successful
technology in a large variety of application areas such as
(domain-specific) language definition, process definition,
model transformation, data integration, and repositories.
While these areas use more than one interpretation of the
notion of "meta-modeling", and further alternatives exist,
for instance regarding "multi-level domain modeling", they
are all based on the premise that there is value in
explicitly modeling the definitions of artifacts to make
these definitions flexible or the subject of further
analysis. Even though a lot of progress has been made in
clarifying the notion of "metamodeling", supporting it
with a range of different mechanisms, and applying it
successfully in tools that provide end user value, much
remains to be addressed and to be reported on.

The Journal of Software and Systems Modeling therefore
invites original, high-quality submissions for its theme
issue on "Metamodeling" to appear in 2007, focusing on
topics related to metamodeling, including

- foundations
 e.g., theory, principles, and definition
 of metamodeling

- support
 e.g., mechanisms for creating and controlling
 metamodeling hierarchies

- applications
 e.g., novel forms of reaping benefits
 from metamodeling

- tools
 e.g., advances in supporting and/or applying
 metamodeling with tools

Thomas Kuehne
Darmstadt University of Technology

Robert France
Colorado State University

Bernhard Rumpe
Braunschweig University of Technology

Important Dates
01.04.2007 Paper submission
01.06.2007 Notification
01.08.2007 Camera-ready version

Submission Details
Please see http://www.mm.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/~kuehne/SoSyM/
or http://www.mm.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/~kuehne/SoSyM/cfp-metamodeling.pdf

Thomas Kuehne, Assistant Professor
+49 178 5464627, http://www.mm.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de/~kuehne/
"The difficulty in doing research is to find the right questions so that all the answers come easily" --TK

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fn:Alain BOULZE
org;quoted-printable:INRIA Rh=C3=B4ne-Alpes;ObjectWeb Project
adr:Montbonnot;;INOVALLEE - 655, avenue de l'Europe;Saint-Ismier;;38330;France
title:SOA Project Coordinator
tel;work:+33 4 76 61 54 65
tel;fax:+33 4 76 61 55 63
tel;cell:+33 6 21 09 43 66

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