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[Fwd: [planetmde] Call for TOOLS Workshop Proposals]

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Web site: http://tools.ethz.ch/about.html

TOOLS aims at providing a forum for participants to exchange opinions about 
the application of object-technologies, software architectures and 
components, aspect-oriented programming, model engineering and design 
TOOLS has a strong feeling with applications and industries thus such 
proposals are especially welcome.
This is also the opportunity to expose advanced ideas,  and to discuss 
preliminary results on focused research topics.
Workshops also provide the opportunity for participants to coordinate efforts 
and establish collective plans of action.

Important dates: 
Workshop proposals may be sent from January 1, 2007 until March 1, 2007
Workshop acceptance will be notified as soon as possible but no later than 
March 15, 2007
Workshop date: June 24, 25 2007

Each proposal should be submitted electronically to the workshop chairs.
Additional information about workshops may be obtained from the co-chairs.

Workshop chairs
Stéphane Ducasse,  LISTIC, université de Savoie, Annecy
Jean-Claude Royer, OBASCO Group EMN-INRIA, Nantes

Workshop committee

Awais Rashid,  Lancaster University, UK
Lidia Fuentes, University of Malaga, Spain
Rubby Casallas, Los Andes University, Colombia
Frantisek Plasil, Charles University, Czech Republic
Dan Chiorean, University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
John Favaro, Consultant Pisa, Italy
Roger Kilian-kehr, SAP Research, Germany

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fn:Alain BOULZE
org;quoted-printable:INRIA Rh=C3=B4ne-Alpes;ObjectWeb Project
adr:Montbonnot;;INOVALLEE - 655, avenue de l'Europe;Saint-Ismier;;38330;France
title:SOA Project Coordinator
tel;work:+33 4 76 61 54 65
tel;fax:+33 4 76 61 55 63
tel;cell:+33 6 21 09 43 66

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