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Fwd: [SCA and SDO find a home at OASIS

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SOA specs SCA and SDO headed for OASIS and the JCP http://go.techtarget.com/r/1164806/5567873

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Today's News

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  >  MailScanner soupçonne le lien suivant d'être une tentative de fraude de la part de "go.techtarget.com" SearchWebServices.com

  >  SOA specs SCA and SDO headed for OASIS and the JCP
  >  IBM and Cisco offering crisis SOA
  >  Microsoft joins Ajax alliance
  >  More headlines
  >  Where's the data?
  >  Grid computing and Web services
  >  Getting smart about 'SOA for Dummies'


SOA specs SCA and SDO headed for OASIS and the JCP
The Open SOA group has finally found a standards body homes for its two key specifications, Service Component Architecture (SCA) and Service Data Objects (SDO) at OASIS and JCP.

SOA standards SCA and SDO homeless for holidays
Check out our SOA Learning Guide

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  IBM and Cisco offering crisis SOA
IBM and Cisco Systems Inc. are offering a service-oriented architecture approach to managing communications in a crisis of Hurricane Katrina proportions. IBM's Crisis Management Services combine communications, collaboration and coordination technologies with satellite and wireless capabilities tied together with SOA.

Microsoft joins Ajax alliance
Microsoft has joined the OpenAjax Alliance, an industry group formed to developing standard Ajax implementations, with members including IBM, BEA Systems Inc. Adobe Systems Inc., and Sun Microsystems Inc. Microsoft watchers says the Redmond software vendor's inclusion can be counted as an important step both for the alliance and for the company, which is trying to recast its image by more vigorously supporting Web browser interoperability.

More headlines
[From around the Web]
Mashups going corporate (SYS-CON Media)


Where's the data?
This chapter, excerpted from "Service Oriented Architecture for Dummies," discusses strategies for making information into a service and making sure data is more trustworthy.

Grid computing and Web services
In this tip, William Brogden characterizes the types of grid technology and indicates where grid computing and Web services may compliment each other.

Getting smart about 'SOA for Dummies'
In this podcast, "Service Oriented Architecture for Dummies" co-author Judith Hurwitz discusses the need for SOA, what functionality is critical to SOA and how the SOA lifecycle diverges from the traditional application lifecycle.

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