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Fwd: [architecture] Fwd: Workshop on Telecom SOA

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De : LEFEBVRE Alexandre RD-MAPS-GRE <alexandre.lefebvre@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date : 9 juillet 2007 15:35:30 HAEC
À : Rntl-Esb-2005 <rntl-esb-2005@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, architecture <architecture@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Objet : [architecture] Fwd: Workshop on Telecom SOA

For information
Deadline on 16 July.


First International Workshop on
Telecom Service Oriented Architectures (TSOA-07)
Co-located with ICSOC 2007,  Vienna, 17th September 2007

Telecommunication services and network features are often tightly coupled, separate, and vertically integrated. This vertical approach has an extremely weakening effect on service provider’s ability to develop more complex services that could span over heterogeneous telecom networks and IT services. The common vision for implementing services is now the realization of an horizontal service platform, based on shared services and network enablers, which can be easily composed in a service oriented architecture mainly based on Web Service standards.
  The integration of communication services, content-based services, Internet-like services, and messaging services reveals several open issues.
  For example, the organization of the internal structure of the service layer, the composition of IT services and telecommunication resources, the exposure of such resources as Web Services, and how these services interact with mobile terminal applications, the essential support for asynchronous interactions at service layer, are problems to be solved in the telecom domain.
  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) represents an approach that facilitates loose coupling between different participants in a system while at the same time aims at providing sufficient qualities of services. Resources are made available as independent services that can be accessed without knowledge of their underlying platform implementation. In the context of this SOA paradigm, the emergence of the service engineering, in which software systems are constructed based on the composition of autonomous services, takes new challenges to software system development, evolution, and use.
  Service Engineering focuses on designing, building, and evolving software systems that are composed by services. Current telecom operators and their existing services are often not yet ready to shift its legacy into the SOA paradigm, but most of them aim at supporting the development of rapid, low-cost, and easy composition of distributed applications.
   In today’s instantiation of SOA, services are mainly Web services, given their interoperability. Some standard languages such as BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) allow describing service composition as a workflow. This approach is getting more and more used to compose web services, but it is not always suitable for composing web services with TELCO services, due to the poor support to asynchronous interactions.
   On the other hand innovative model engineering techniques tend to be used to abstract commonality between different execution platforms and, hence, to facilitate the development of systems that can be deployed in a variety of ways and target different service execution environments. The exploitation of these techniques in the context of a SOA-aware service engineering and more specifically in the telecommunication domain is perceived as an opportunity for reducing development and maintenance costs.
The first objective of the workshop is to create a unique opportunity to become part of a community working on moving the telecommunication domain to SOA. The workshop seeks contributions from both practitioners and researchers in a wide range of topics concerned with SOA paradigm in telecom domain.
These contributions should describe recent developments, applications, methods, techniques, modeling, design issues, case studies, experience reports, and tools to support the development of these systems, as well as practitioners and researcher views of future challenges in the area.

The topics of interest are related to telecom domain and they include the following ones:
- Service Description Languages and Meta-Models
- Service Engineering and Model Driven Architecture

- Validation, Verification, and Testing
- Service Creation Environments
- Service Execution Environments
- Service Lifecycle Management
- Service Discovery and Service Repositories
- Service Monitoring
- Non-Functional Properties of Services (QoS, security, availability)
- Service Level Agreement
- Dynamic Service Composition
- Semantic Web Services
- Service Personalization
- Context-aware Services and User Modeling
- Service Recommenders
- Exposure of  telecom resources as Services
- Stateful Services
- Asynchronous Interactions between Services

- Service adaptation to mobile devices
- Standards for Telecom SOA
- Service Migration and Relocation

Important Dates
Paper Submission           July 16, 2007        
Notification of Acceptance           August 22, 2007    
Final Paper Version due
          September 10, 2007

Workshop date    Monday, September 17th, 2007    

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