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Enhydra: Re: Moving towards a common goal

On Thu, 25 Feb 1999, Brad Neuberg wrote:
>> One quick thing; the file I just posted here is composed of two pieces
>> do not depend on each other, which is the philosophy that I am taking
>> towards the app servers: breaking them into pieces of functionality that
>> not depend on each other.  So in the package I just sent out, there are
>> modules: org.openportal.dynamic_composition, and
>> These two modules have no knowledge of each other, and may be seperated
>> used in other applications.
>Wow! Thanks!
>If you wanted to make sure that the code can be used by all the projects
>without any restrictions, the simplest thing to do is to make the code
>public domain. Your releasing it under multiple licenses works too,

The thing is if someone adds something to the code it would be cool if they
gave me permission to re-release their additions under the GPL or LGPL, even
if the code was added to Locomotive, for example.  The reason for this is
that I need to use a Java Server Pages library that is under the GPL, as
well as a regular expression library.  I need both of these to finish
something called OpenPortal.  It would be nice if I could incorporate
additions that people make into this.  People don't have
to do this, but it would be nice.

  Brad Neuberg
  VP of Technology, BaseSystem

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