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Re: Enhydra: Cookie-less session management

>+ It is not likely that applications communicate to each other also the
>session number
>is persistent along the session ( user experience ). However this problem is
>an issue:
>I don't see how an application using  http://myserver:8888/123/.... could
>access an
>application using http://myserver:8888/foo/456/... ( where 123 and 456 are

Suppose you wanted to point to somewhere in one of these applications,
for example /login/Login.po. You wouldn't know what session ID to tack
on (it would not have been generated yet). To work around this you could
use a previous idea, where the session id starts with a unique string.
Then you can tell if there is an id present or not. Then for any 
incomming URL like "/login/Login.po", a new session would be generated,
then return a redirect response to "/SID123456789/login/Login.po".

All the urls in the app are relative. No rewriting is needed.
You can bookmark pages and come back later (because the number-does-not
exist case is handled the same as the no-number case).

Like I said before, this would require changes to the PresentationManager,
and the SessionManager, so it's non trivial. How much demand/need for
not using cookies is there out there? The query-string idea can be 
implemented as a new SessionManager which can be swapped in when desired,
but to implement the url-prefix idea would require (it seems) changes 
to the framework that would tie together the SessionManager, 
PresentationManager and HttpRequest objects....

Andy John

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