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Re: Enhydra: Cookie-less session management

Ed Boring wrote:

> I for one have been tasked to not require cookies...except
> in very special cases.  I'd be interested the general level
> of interest in this also.  I do intend to look at a complete
> solution.  Hopefully it won't be too much work.

Hi folks--
I have been following the no-cookies thread on the list. I too would
like the option of saving state through url-rewritting. 

I have already talked with Andy John a little about this, and my
impression is that it seems like the simplest approach would be to do it
like the servlet API does. We could simply have a special
string(EnhydraSessionId) that binds to the session value. Then when the
developer wanted to use url-rewriting for session management, you would
just run your url's through a method (just like HttpResponse.encodeUrl()
) before you display them. This method would append the key/value pair
to the url. It seems like it could be implemented without needing to
change much of the existing Enhydra API. 

Anyhow, that's my $0.02

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