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Re: Enhydra: ClientPageRedirectException

>I'm having problems with an application I developed that uses
>I have tested the application using the JavaWebServer1.1 and have had now
>However, I moved the application over to Netscape Enterprise 3.5.1using
the New
> Atlanta Servlet runner 2.0.  Now, whenever  I encounter a spot in the
>application that would throw a ClientPageRedirectException the server
returns a
> "reponse has no data" error.  
>Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?

Here's what the framework does when it recieves your

comms.response.setHeader("Location", redirectExcept.getUrl());
                         "Redirected to new location.");

This is pretty generic, it should work in any server. Maybe Atlanta is
messing with the response after service() returns?
Could you try it by hand and see what the server returns? You telnet to
port 80 (or whatever you are using) by typing "telnet host 80".
Then you pretend you are a browser and type "GET /foo.po HTTP/1.0"
then two returns. You should see the response immediatly. In the
header there is a response code.... it should be 302. There should
be another header "Location", which should be what you expect.
Give this a try and we'll take it from there.


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