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Re: Enhydra: PATCH: Enhydra Build On Windows, NT, Linux

Just a minor clarification for those interested in the
actual problem.

It shows up in the Jolt parser because it uses
Unicode character ranges.

The actual bug is not in JavaCC but in the
JDK.  The bug is in 1.1.7 and 1.2.
It is going to be fixed in the next JDK release.

The characters that cause the problem are \u018e
and \u0258.  These characters can not be included
in character ranges like "\u0100" - "\u01ff".  They
must be specified individually like
"\u0100" - "\u018d", "\u018e", "\u018f" - "\u01ff".

Anyway, that's probably more than you wanted to
know, but I just wanted people to be aware that it
is actually a JDK bug.


Andy John wrote:

> Good news!
>   The Enhydra source tree would not build on Windows and NT
> with jdk 1.1.6 and 1.1.7... the problem was with JavaCC,
> which is used to build the Enhydra Jolt compiler, which is
> used to build the Enhydra apps in the tree. There were
> reports of this same problem on Linux also.
>   We discovered a work-around for this problem! The attached
> file replaces
> com/lutris/appserver/server/jolt/parser/JoltParser.jjt
>   You only need this new file if you are trying to build the
> entire Enhydra tree, and it fails with the error message
> "Can't find class com/lutris/appserver/server/jolt/joltc/
> JoltCompile".
>    If you are compiling your application with the runtime install
> of Enhydra you do not need this "patch".
>   This fix should eliminate most of the problems people have
> been having building Enhydra.
> Andy John
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    JoltParser.jjtName: JoltParser.jjt
>                  Type: Plain Text (text/plain)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Shawn McMurdo
Lutris Technologies, Inc.

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