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Re: Enhydra: Trying to compile Enhydra on NT

The compilation problem should be fixed by the
patch that Andy just sent out.
As for the make output, you could try
make 2>&1 |tee make.out
to redirect errors into the output stream
and then split the output to go to both
the screen and the make.out file.

Bob Love wrote:

I have compiled Enhydra on NT but it is not creating the Welcome and Admin presentaton objects.  I see an error message in the Enhydar_NT shell that says "Can't find class com/lutris/appserver/server/jolt/joltc/JoltCompile".  There are a lot of other error messages that have scrolled off the screen.  Is there a way to pipe the output of the make to an output file so I can research the errors.  I tried to do make > out but the error messages still go to the shell screen.

Shawn McMurdo
Lutris Technologies, Inc.

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