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Enhydra: Enhydra help please?

Hi to all,

I am *extremely* new to Enhydra and moreover to XML. I have for the past year 
or so maintained a web site which was designed using ASP, HTML, and CSS. So, 
as you can imagine the site has a rather large dynamic element in it, 
allowing people to add simple classified advertisements to the site on the 
fly. At the moment we are in the process of investigating new ways to 
re-design the site as it is becoming quite large and cumbersome to keep up to 
date and administer. 

In our plans, we would like to facilitate new services such as a SMS (Short 
Messaging Service) notification to users based on a registration for such 
events. Example, Bob advertises that he wants to -BUY- a particular 
colletable, say '1956 Wholewort Stamp'. Somebody else, say, Fred comes along 
to the web site and advertises that he would like to -SELL- a '1956 Wholewort 
Stamp'. At that instance Bob should get a text message to his cell phone from 
our website saying that a '1956 Wholewort Stamp' has become available. 

Phew! What we would like to do as students is to find out how XML and 
moreover the Enhydra technology framework may help us in this quest! Is it 
possible to use XML to design a website from scratch, whilst catering for the 
same kind of functionality that we possess at the moment i.e. Visually 
appealing graphics, the ability to add dynamic content on the fly etc. etc. 
How portable would a site created using the Enhydra framework be into a 
Wireless environment for e.g. WAP? 

Thanks you for your time and for reading this!


Alex Stephens.

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