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Re: Enhydra: Director lock-up

> Simeon Fitch wrote:
> I'm having problems with my application locking up when using enhydra
> director, and I don't even know where to start to figure out what the
> problem is. If it hit the browser refresh button several times in a
> row, my application stops serving pages. I'm running on RedHat Linux
> x86 6.2 with apache 1.3.12, enhydra 3.0.1
> Any help is appreciated.
> Simeon
>                           Simeon Fitch
>  [Rare Medium San Antonio]Technical Lead
>                           210.805.8607x1051
>                           simeon.fitch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I had the same problem at one point where Enhydra Director would just
freeze up under moderate load.  The gentleman that maintains the
Director module sent me a patch because it was an error in the Director
protocol code.  I believe it has been integrated into the the CVS, so I
would first try to get the latest copy of the source from CVS and build
from that as it seems there have been lots of bugs and such since the
release of 3.0.1.  I'm not sure whether the binary distro has been
updated since the original release.  Once you get the patch though, I
have found Enhydra to be extremely stable on moderate to heavy load.  I
think you'll be pleased with the software after the initial setup

Nathan Barnett
Centuries Consulting
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