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Re: Enhydra: a few newbie questions

Hi Henk.

Here it is to my best knowledge

>     -  we have a MySql database, is it easy to connect with Enhydra ?

yes, it is.

>     - how easy is migrating a site to Enhydra ?  Do we have a lot of
> rewriting to do ? Or can we do the migration step by step by converting page
> by page ?

Enhydra is involved only in pages that are generated by an app server. It is
quite easy to "migrate" a page to an Enhydra presentation object. The XMLC
compiler does the job of scanning you page and converting it to a Java object.
But, to be usable, the tags you need to manipulate must have one basic
requirement : a unique id attribute (unique in the page).

>     - how about the stability and performance of Enhydra compared to Zope or
> Apache ?

Cannot say compared with Zope but Enhydra does run really well under Apache.

>     - we desperately need a search engine, Zope has it included, how about
> Enhydra ?

Not that I know of.

>     - I suppose we keep managing our virtual hosts within Apache ?

sure do.

>     - the most important thing is that once the site has been developed, a
> bunch of editors can easily submit their stories to the site (via www or
> ftp).  Do I have to write the front-end myself or do there exist such
> programs ?

Many approaches are possible, including posting in a directory accessible by

>     - are their existing packages for use in Enhydra (like products in Zope)
> ? Ofcourse, I am only interested in open source packages.

Not sure what you are refering to...don't know Zope.

>     - can we easily use GoLive or Dreamweaver in combination with Enhydra ?

No idea, sorry.

Hope these will help a little
tel;work:450.671.2011 ext 236
org:CPM Technologie de pointe
title:Ingénieur, Directeur département informatique
adr;quoted-printable:;;5 Place du commerce, suite 100=0D=0A;Brossard;;;
fn:Eric Giguère

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