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Re: Enhydra: a few newbie questions

A couple of points on managing your site:

On 09/26/00, Eric Giguere wrote:
> >     - the most important thing is that once the site has been developed, a
> > bunch of editors can easily submit their stories to the site (via
> > www or ftp).  Do I have to write the front-end myself or do there
> > exist such programs ?
> Many approaches are possible, including posting in a directory
> accessible by Apache.
> >     - can we easily use GoLive or Dreamweaver in combination with
> >       Enhydra ?
> No idea, sorry.

You might want to check out WebDAV (http://www.webdav.org) as a
solution for allowing users to edit their own pages.  It's a
standardized protocol based on the old "front page extensions" idea.

Of course, you may want something more along the lines of a weblog
(i.e. slashdot).  This would be relatively easy to implement in
Enhydra, but I'm not aware of any drop-in weblog packages which use
enhydra (the one's Ive seen are in perl or php).

Note that Dreamweaver does not support WebDAV directly - you have to
use some other tool (Windows 98 has WebDAV support built right in with
"web folders").

Since enhydra web pages are standard html, an editor like Dreamweaver
will work fine.


Phil Hollenback
Staff Engineer
Lutris Technologies, Inc.
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