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RE: Enhydra: IOException in MysqlIO.clearAllReceive??

Thanks for your assistance in this. It's driving me crazy. I suspect it may
be something I have caused, but I can't figure out how.

To get to the page where I encounter the error, I go through 4 screens: 1 &
3 are static forms, 2 & 4 are dynamic. Most of the time I can go through all
4 screens without any problems. But if I hit the "Back" button from screen 4
to screen 3, change some form entries & resubmit it, I get the error 75% of
the time.

My code in screen 4 gets the form values, checks the table to see if that
session ID and form name exist in the table. If so, an update is performed.
If not, an insert is performed.

Often, one, two, or even all 3 form elements from screen 3 are inserted into
the database when the error occurs. But rather than getting my *.po, I get a
blank HTML page and the error shows up in the Enhydra screen where the app
is running. Probably half the time nothing is inserted, and the other half
some or all of the values are inserted.

Thanks again for your help.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: owner-enhydra@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:owner-enhydra@xxxxxxxxxxx]On
> Behalf Of Jay Gunter
> Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 8:55 PM
> To: jdbc-group@xxxxxxxxxxx; enhydra@xxxxxxxxxxx; DODS GROUP
> Subject: Enhydra: IOException in MysqlIO.clearAllReceive??
> Michael,
> I'm not familiar enough with MySQL to provide more assistance,
> so I've taken the liberty of reposting your message to
> the enhydra, dods-group and jdbc-group mailing lists.
> Have any of you MySQL users ever seen an intermittent IOException
> thrown from MysqlIO.clearAllReceive() ??
> I hate problems like this, and would enjoy knowing the workaround.
> Hey Michael, does the problem happen at all predictably?
> For example, does it never happen if you avoid certain operations?
> What if you do some completely trivial query over and over?
> --
> Jay Gunter
> Lutris Technologies
> 1200 Pacific Ave, Suite 300
> Santa Cruz, CA 95060
> 831/460-7318
> jay@xxxxxxxxxx

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