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Enhydra: Enhydra & XML for live B2B Data Exchange...

What support does Enhydra have for the Marshalling & Unmarshalling of XML
documents?  We already communicate with several large corporate internal
systems via XML and we currently use our own in-house XML server to handle
this - it works well but adding new handlers is a fairly lengthy process.
We currently use Xerces & Xalan to parse & process documents.

I am after a tool that will take varying XML docs and either populate a
record in a table or instantiate a Java object.  I have had a look at a few
of the available open-source tools and assume that these could be (and
probably are) easily used with Enhydra.  They are fairly time-consuming to
get to know (usually due to major lack of docs) and could probably do with
more friendly APIs...

Bear in mind that this is live communication between B2B sites so many tools
that take static XML docs and throw out Java classes are of little use...

Any information and experiences would be appreciated!!


Matthew Clark.

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