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Enhydra: problem with linux, apache, enhydra and java

Hello world,

i have made a perfomace-test with enhydra and have got the following
If i make 10 concurrent requests,then enhydra (or director) will start 10
Java VMs. If i make 10 new concurrent requests enhydra starts up 10 new Java
VMs (every instance need 45 MByte of RAM). In summary i have now 20 VMs!!!
The main problem is, that the VMs are not closed after finishing all test
and that i have found nothing to limit the number of VMs.

Is the problem a configuration problem? Is there a datailed description of
the enhydra_director.conf and multiserver.conf parameters? I only see the
installed demo/sample files.

My Configuration:
linux:          Suse 7.0 with kernel 2.4 test 9
db:             MySQL 3.23.24
enhydra:        3.0.1 (binary dist)
director:       1.0 (from binary dist)
apache:         1.3.12


Tobias Schmidt

itCAMPUS Software- und Systemhaus GmbH
Leipzig - Halle - Wittenberg

Karlsruher Strasse 38-40
04209 Leipzig

Tel: 0341 422 00 00
Fax: 0341 422 00 01

Mobil: 0177 66 19 235

E-Mail: t.schmidt@xxxxxxxxxxx

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