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Re: Enhydra: problem with linux, apache, enhydra and java

"Tobias Schmidt" <t.schmidt@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> i have made a perfomace-test with enhydra and have got the following
> problem:
> If i make 10 concurrent requests,then enhydra (or director) will start 10
> Java VMs. If i make 10 new concurrent requests enhydra starts up 10 new Java
> VMs (every instance need 45 MByte of RAM). In summary i have now 20 VMs!!!
> The main problem is, that the VMs are not closed after finishing all test
> and that i have found nothing to limit the number of VMs.

You don't say which JDK you're using, but I'm guessing it's a
native-threads version.  What you're seeing is an entry in the process 
table for each thread (since that's the way Linux does threads).  The
threads share all their memory, so you're only using 45 MB total (plus 
a tiny amount of overhead for each thread).

It's not clear why the threads are sticking around, but they shouldn't 
cause a big problem.  

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