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Enhydra: Information Week Article...


Whilst reading through this website 
I found some interesting points that I was hoping somebody from the community 
may clarify for me as the article was written in November of 1999... 

"Enhydra will let you maintain state via SessionData objects. We could fairly 
easily create and modify shopping carts and other state-keeping applications. 
IN PARTICLUAR THE FOLLOWING <<<However, Enhydra does not support EJB at 
all.>>> Lutris recommends running Enhydra in conjunction with Bull Software's 
Open Source JoNAS for EJB functionality; while that combination might be OK 
for prototyping, it's not sufficient for large-scale enterprise use. Lutris 
is working on an EJB implementation but it is not near completion."

It goes onto say...

"...Enhydra will work as long as you don't need robust EJB support. It lacks 
the polish and completeness of commercial products."



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