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Enhydra: Session or Database Problem

Hi guys,

I've been working on a particular Enhydra site for about 6 or 7 months
now and I've been running into a problem which seems to be occurring
once or twice a month.

First, a little background on the site:
I'm using Enhydra 3.0.1 running on a P3 600 /w 512 megs of ram, running
slackware linux 7.0.  I'm using Sun's JDK 1.2.2, and the application is
running through the Enhydra Multiserver (which is an apache mod) on a
different server (ie, all web requests come through to the multiserver
which in turn talks to my application server).  The database backend is
MySQL 3.22 which is running on a Dual Xeon 450 setup with 512 megs of
ram and the load seems to stay pretty low at all times.

Now, every once in awhile all the database connections seemed to be used
up.  This does seem to happen during times of high activity, but nothing
dramatic.  I believe it is a problem with connections not getting
released properly or an issue with the connection pool.  I've gone
through and verified my code over and over, and every query is within a
try {} block, ending with a
} finally {
        if (conn != null)
which is what I use in many other sites which don't seem to have this
problem.  Thus, I don't believe there is an error in my database code,
but I could be missing something.

Another reason I don't think it's a problem with the actual database
connections is the sessions.  Whenever this happens the number of
sessions rises dramatically (after the problem starts happening).  After
doing some testing, I'm pretty sure that enhydra is giving each client a
new user id every time they hit a new .po.  The number of session rises
from like 100 to 400 in some instances and it seems to do it after the
problem starts happening every time.

Anyone else experienced anything like this or have any tips on what I
could do to diagnose and solve the problem?  As usual, if I'm missing
something obvious, feel free to bluntly point it out to me. :)


Joe Osburn
Internet Exposure Inc.          11 NE 4th Street
(612) 676.1946                  Minneapolis, MN  55413
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