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Enhydra: Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 18:54:19 +0200


I want to install Enhydra director service but I have a problem:

My system:
        HOSTNAME:       helpdesk        
        OS:             Linux Rh 6.2
        Enhydra 3.01
        DB:             MySQL
        WEB Server:     Apache

I succeded to install and configure Apache and Enhydra director module, but
I can't run my application:
The steps in configure process are:
        Install Apache 
        Install Enhydra Director Module.
                        in $WWW_PATH/bin                edir_daemon and
edir_status OK
                        in $WWW_PATH/libexec    mod_enhydra_director.so OK
                        in $WWW_PATH/conf
enhydra_duirector.conf OK
        Configure $WWW_PATH/conf/http.conf file adding LoadModule and
        Start Apache server
                        ps -ef exist edit_daemon -f .... OK
                        $WWW_PATH/bin/apachectl -print-file-config  OK
        3. Configure my application  (named helpdesk)
        In Helpdesk.conf exist two lines: 
                                Server.PresentationPrefix =
                                Application.DefaultUrl = "Welcome.po"
                From this file understand that the prefix is /helpdesk
        In multiserver.conf.in I have the following settings:
                Application.Helpdesk.ConfFile = Helpdesk.conf
                Application.Helpdesk.Description = "Any JAVA Application"
                Application.Helpdesk.Running = yes
                # Open up a port.
                Connection.p88.Type = EnhydraDirector
                Connection.p88.Port = 8800
                # Connect the port to the application.
                Channel.p88.aChan.Servlet = Helpdesk
                Channel.p88.aChan.Url = /
                Channel.p88.aChan.Enabled = yes
        In these condition I modified enhydra_director.conf file with these
                <Application prefix="/helpdesk">
                        <AppServer host="localhost" port="8800" />
                        <AppServer host="" port="8800" />
                        <AppServer host="" port="8800" />
        The only test for these configurations is if the server running:
        I opened a browser and I wrote the urls:
                http://helpdesk/helpdesk/presentation/Welcome.po  didn't
                ____________  __________________
                        |                |              
                           V            V
                        http server             this is the prefix
                after that,
                http://helpdesk/helpdesk/Welcome.po  didn't work
                http://localhost/helpdesk/Welcome.po  didn't work
                http://helpdesk/status  it worked It's a paradox!

Can somebody what are the problem? Can send me a configuration file with
enhydra_director.conf and multiserver.in and App.conf?

> Stefan DAMIAN 
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