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Re: AW: [enhydra] How set null value to integer or long DB field in DODS

That's not quite true. The following code will set specific BigInt
fields to NULL. It's a workaround.

DBConnection dbc = Enhydra.getDatabaseManager().allocateConnection();


// For bid or salesorder, need some integer fields to be null
PreparedStatement ps2 = ((EstimateDO)eiDO).getInsertStatement(dbc);
if (order.isBid())
    ps2.setNull(3,Types.BIGINT);    //salesordid
ps2.setNull(2,Types.BIGINT);    //bidid


On Fri, 2005-08-05 at 18:11 +0200, Madl Alfred - Together AT wrote:
> Hi !
> This is a rather old DODS issue. You simply can not set datatypes to
> NULL that are mapped to Java primitive types...I think we should address
> this issue in one of the next DODS releases...
> Greetings.
> Alfred
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> Von: Daniel Guryca [mailto:daniel.guryca@xxxxxxxxxx] 
> Bereitgestellt: Freitag, 05. August 2005 13:56
> Bereitgestellt in: Enhydra
> Unterhaltung: [enhydra] How set null value to integer or long DB field
> in DODS
> Betreff: [enhydra] How set null value to integer or long DB field in
> I have a problem with setting DB field which is of type INTEGER or
> It is imposible to set this field with DO object to null value. (0 is 
> saved instead of null) - because it accepts java int (long) types only.
> It is also imposible to get null value from this field. (0 is return) - 
> because it gets java int (long) types only.
> So is there a way how to set or get a value of null for DB fields of 
> Thank you for your help.

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