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Re: AW: [enhydra] How set null value to integer or long DB field in DODS


Alfred was talking about using DODs.
If you use a PreparedStatement to do it there is no doubt that it will work.
If i understood correctly that wasnt the ideia.

Best regards.
João Paulo Ribeiro

Steve Riley wrote:
That's not quite true. The following code will set specific BigInt
fields to NULL. It's a workaround.

DBConnection dbc = Enhydra.getDatabaseManager().allocateConnection();


// For bid or salesorder, need some integer fields to be null
PreparedStatement ps2 = ((EstimateDO)eiDO).getInsertStatement(dbc);
if (order.isBid())
    ps2.setNull(3,Types.BIGINT);    //salesordid
ps2.setNull(2,Types.BIGINT);    //bidid


On Fri, 2005-08-05 at 18:11 +0200, Madl Alfred - Together AT wrote:
Hi !

This is a rather old DODS issue. You simply can not set datatypes to
NULL that are mapped to Java primitive types...I think we should address
this issue in one of the next DODS releases...



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Unterhaltung: [enhydra] How set null value to integer or long DB field
Betreff: [enhydra] How set null value to integer or long DB field in

I have a problem with setting DB field which is of type INTEGER or

It is imposible to set this field with DO object to null value. (0 is 
saved instead of null) - because it accepts java int (long) types only.
It is also imposible to get null value from this field. (0 is return) - 
because it gets java int (long) types only.

So is there a way how to set or get a value of null for DB fields of 

Thank you for your help.



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