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RE: [enhydra] help: bug? when using a default context in tomcat/enhydra


i just realized that if i rename the webapp/alpinPortal2
folder to webapp/ROOT, then change the path references
in log4j.xml and context.xml,

well, then all is fine. the application is now available
http://localhost:8080/Portal.po (without the alpinPortal2
or ROOT path), and just one single application will be

still - any hints as to why the other solution (adding
a default context in server.xml) is not working?


http://www.alpin.it         software, consulting & strategy

Christoph Moar                          Dipl. Inform. Univ.
alpin gmbh srl          management & technology consultants
tel +39 0471 056007 fax +39 0471 056005 gsm +39 348 3057012
lanciastr. 8b  via lancia 8b    bozen 39100 bolzano   italy
http://www.alpin.it                 christoph.moar@xxxxxxxx

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