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Enhydra Enterprise 6.5-1 is released!

Hi all,
Enhydra Enterprise 6.5-1 based on Jonas 4.5-3 is published and available for download from:
What's new in Enhydra Enterprise 6.5-1
Server Configuration - Enhydra configuration process (ANT based configuration started trough 'configure' script or bach file) now supports a number of interesting and highly functional configuration options:
  - Connector configuration will allow you to enable or disable connector initialization at server startup and to select connector port setting. Existing configuration process supports:
  - non-SSL HTTP Connector
  - SSL HTTP Connector
  - AJP Connector
  - Director Connector
  - Carol configuration will allow you to select protocol port setting. Existing configuration process supports:
  - RMI/JRMP Protocol
  - Admin user configuration:
       - User name
       - Password
NOTE: For further information regarding enhydra server configuration options please consult the 'readme.txt' file placed in '<enhydra_root>/multiserver' directory.
Windows Setup - changed to allow access to all configuration parameter settings. Additionally, we've implemented optional installation of Tomcat Admin and Manager and Tomcat Demo applications (Tomcat Admin and Demo sections in Enhydra component setup).
    we've developed two new EMF/GEF based graphical editors (plug-ins)
     - 'DomlEditor' Eclipse plug-in for DODS "Data-Object-Model" files (.doml), with integrated validation and contents assist support.
     - 'LoaderJobEditor' Eclipse plug-in for Octopus "Loader Job" files (.olj), with integrated validation and contents assist support.
Enhydra IDE linux distribution is now included in Enhydra Enterprise distribution files (it is not deployed as separate distribution any more).
Enhydra Documentation
     - now deployed as separate web application (placed in '<enhydra_root>/multiserver/webapps/enhydra-docs' directory)
     - now deployed with runtime distribution also (Enhydra Tools documentation is excluded).
SysTray updated to version 2.4.1
     - patched windows native implementation: resolved pop up - screen height problem (known EnTray menu display bug).
     - Refresh Application List - implemented new menu action which refreshes current list of deployed applications
    - For every single Enhydra service defined is realized as separate (service specific) 'Refresh Application List' menu item,
     - Group application list refresh (for all services configured - EnTray multiservice mode) is implemented as left EnTray icon click action.
     - Now supports multiple Service, (SSL and non-SSL) HTML Connector and Host definitions (supported by Tomcat server installation option).
EAF release 6.5-1 is included in this release.
EnhydraDemos maintenance - release 6.5-1 is included.
Enhydra Director - release 6.5-1 is included.
Octopus release 3.4-1 is included.
DODS CVS (12.08.2005.) version included.
Enhydra Configurator - new enhydra tool for (re)configuration of existing and creation of new (pre-configured) JONAS_BASE instances. For more detail explanation, please, consult enhydra documentation.
SimpleCacheAdmin - MBean based DODS administration tool included in this release as additional 'Enhydra Administration Application'.
Enhydra Admin Application - now modified to allow overview of all MBeans registered to MBean Server (including Attribute change and Operation invocation). Additionally, we've implemented application authentication support (FORM authentication model).
Enhydra Debugger - 'Intro' presentation object now modified to support multiple request schemes. Host and port URL attribute initialization was based on static configuration parameters also (application configuration parameters) and now are dynamically resumed from application request.
Apache Axis maintenance - release 1.2.1 is included.
Enhydra PIM - Integrated new, enhydra application that demonstrate use of DODS xaTransainctions implementation inside JTA context.
Enhydra PIM EJB - Integrated new, enhydra application that demonstrate use of DODS xaTransainctions implementation inside JTA-EJB context.
Enhydra Development Team

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