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Enhydra Octopus on Solaris 10 x64


I am trying to highlight Open Source BIDW on Solaris x64 (by putting together 
a whitepaper describing installation, configuration and few tests) using 
PostgreSQL, EnHydra & probably iReports.

However the first thing that fails for me is Using Enhydra Octopus when I 
start it on Solaris 10 x64 and select new Project and it throws an error.

I need help to fix the error

My Goal is to document the following

* Load 100GB of data using Enhydra Octopus into postgres

* Show performance tuning for both

* Use iReports to do some complex reporting with the PostgreSQL DB at the 

* Performance tuning for the same

And then highlight commercial companies that can provide "support" for such 
"Free to use" OpenSource BIDW on Solaris x64.



Jignesh K. Shah         MTS Software Engineer 
Sun Microsystems, Inc   MDE-Horizontal Technologies 
Email: J.K.Shah@xxxxxxx Phone: (781) 442 3052

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