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Re: [enhydra] Problem with UTF-8 and POST method in EE 6.3

Hi João,

thanks a lot for your hints!

In my case the problem was that the bytes was transformed in to String without explicit encoding.

Yes, I think this is my problem too, since it works with GET and
only in POST I have to transform the bytes to String by myself...

My questions now:

1) So I don't need to add "charset=utf-8" in my form method?
Should it stay like this?
<form method="post" action="" name="FileUpload" id="FormMethod" enctype="multipart/form-data">

2) Where do you get this constant?
I cannot find it...

Another question: Is there any Enhydra utility class to handle
POST method easily and taking care of such things like above?
IMO, everyone use POST method in HTML forms, so would be great
if we don't have to write such a method by ourself... :-)

Thanks a lot and cheers,
Blasius Lofi Dewanto
OpenUSS - Open University Support System
E-Mail   : dewanto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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