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Re: [enhydra] FileServerServlet doesn't decode escape sequencies in URL?

Hi Peter,

you are right!
Problem is present in Enhydra 5.X (not in Enhydra 6.X) releases.

I've made implementation adaptation of 'org.enhydra.servlet.servlets.FileServerServlet' class and committed changes to public CVS.

Basically, the only addition is (as you suggested) done in servlets "doGet()" method:

pathInfo = URLDecoder.decode(pathInfo);

Thanks for your contribution!

 Slobodan Vujasinovic
Enhydra Development Team

Petr Stehlik wrote:

Hi all,

the FileServerServlet seems to suffer from a serious bug - it doesn't
decode the escape sequences in URL.

Example: http://www.server.com/path/file%20name.png

This should return a file named "file name.png". But it doesn't -
instead it searches for  file named "file%20name.png" and since there is
no such file it returns Error 404.

This would be a one liner fix but it's weird that it hasn't been noticed



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