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Problem with UTF-8

Hi all,

last time I wrote about UTF-8, I said that EE 6.3
works to serve UTF pages with following things:

1) Change the HTML file to have this line:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

2) Add this line into xmlc file:
-html:encoding utf-8

3) Add this line into presentation.conf:
Application.Encoding = "utf-8"

4) Add this to server.xml -> URIEncoding="utf-8"
<Connector port="9000"
maxThreads="150" minSpareThreads="25" maxSpareThreads="75"
enableLookups="false" redirectPort="9043" acceptCount="100"
debug="0" connectionTimeout="20000" URIEncoding="utf-8"
disableUploadTimeout="true" />

Here are the discussions:

Yes, it still works like this but I have now a different problem.

Adding URIEncoding="utf-8" to the connector of Tomcat (server.xml)
makes Tomcat to serve UTF-8 for *all* the connections under
the port 9000. So all applications under this port will always
serve UTF-8.

My questions:

How can I make Tomcat to handle UTF only *application dependent*
and not the whole connection under 9000? I added following but
still it won't work:

1) Remove URIEncoding="utf-8" from the server.xml, so Tomcat
does not have to serve UTF-8 for all applications in port 9000.

2) Add these methods in StandardApplication:
public boolean requestPreprocessor(HttpPresentationComms comms)
                                throws Exception {
  return super.requestPreprocessor(comms);

3) Also add


everytime before reading the request object. Actually
this is already done in the number 2... But still both
don't work.

So, my conclusion is that UTF-8 access will only work if I
add URIEncoding="utf-8" to the Tomcat connector
within the server.xml...

And this pops my second problem: if I used Director I cannot
add this parameter since Director connector does not support it.

Here are the parameter of Director Connector:
<Connector className="org.enhydra.servlet.connectionMethods.EnhydraDirector.EnhydraDirectorConnectionMethod"
  threadTimeout = "300"
  clientTimeout = "30"
  sessionAffinity = "true"
  queueSize = "400"
  numThreads = "200"
  bindAddress = "(All Interfaces)"
  authKey = "(Unauthenticated)"

Then I need to make my Apache to serve utf-8, which is not
the solution, since my web server also serves older applications
which are not UTF-8?

Do we have any solutions here? Any helps are really appreciated!

Thanks a lot community!
Blasius Lofi Dewanto
OpenUSS - Open University Support System
E-Mail   : dewanto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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