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Re: [director] Using Enhydra Director as HTTP cookie based load-balancer


We are using enhydra (3.5.2, 5.0, 5.1.x and 6.x) in a production
We need to upgrade our webserver to Apache 2.0 because of a third party SSO.
The problem is: there is no Director for Apache 2.0 at the moment and we
need it to keep legacy applications (enhydra 3.5.2 and 5.x only support
mod director) running.
Upgrading all the applications at once to Enhydra 6.x is a huge and
expensive task that we cant afford at this point in time.

I can't find anything recent about it in the web site or the mailing list.
The information related to this topic is months old.
Will Director on Apache 2.0 be supported? If yes, when?

Best regards.
João Paulo Ribeiro

João Paulo Ribeiro | Senior Software Engineer

PHONE: + 351 253 305 250
FAX  : + 351 253 305 250


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