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Re: [enhydra] Problem with UTF-8 on EE-6.5-1

Hi Daniel,
Is it possible that the encoding being used by javac to compile your Example.java file is not selecting the proper character encoding? From the command line, selecting the character encoding is accomplished by passing the -encoding parameter to javac, from the Ant build file (build.xml), this is accomplished by setting the encoding attribute on the <javac> tag. If you're using Eclipse as your IDE, you may run into some additional problems here (we did) - you actually have to right-click on the .java file and select Properties, and change the 'Text File Encoding' setting to UTF-8. If you use the default text encoding (on Windows that is, I'm not sure about Linux or other platforms), Eclipse won't save any Unicode characters that you type or past into the file (it replaces them with question marks). But this causes something of a Catch-22 - Eclipse saves the file with the proper encoding, but also places a byte-order mark (the BOM, Unicode character FEFF hex) at the beginning of the .java file, which javac chokes on. In this case, in order to use Eclipse as the IDE, but still be able to build using the regular Enhydra build scripts (and the version of Ant that comes with Enhydra), you end up having to escape any/all Unicode characters within strings in the .java file (i.e. \ddd or \udddd), which means you don't end up needing to save the .java file in UTF-8. We might have been able to get around Eclipse's issues by configuring the full build process within Eclipse using Enhydra's version of Ant (since Eclipse is able to compile the file with the BOM intact), but we didn't try it (we opted for using escaped character sequences in the couple places we needed it) so I can't say for sure whether that would work.

Hope that helps...

----- Original Message ----- From: "Daniel Guryca" <daniel.guryca@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: <enhydra@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2005 3:18 PM
Subject: [enhydra] Problem with UTF-8 on EE-6.5-1


I have a real problem with UTF-8 encoding in Enhydra Enterprise.

I have set everything like this:

1) Change the HTML file to have this line:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

2) Add this line into xmlc file:
-html:encoding utf-8

3) Add this line into presentation.conf:
Application.Encoding = "utf-8"

4) Add this to server.xml -> URIEncoding="utf-8"
<Connector port="9000"
maxThreads="150" minSpareThreads="25" maxSpareThreads="75"
enableLookups="false" redirectPort="9043" acceptCount="100"
debug="0" connectionTimeout="20000" URIEncoding="utf-8"
disableUploadTimeout="true" />

But I am still not able to get proper characters from my page request.
Everything defined in html files (include utf-8 characters) is printed
properly but if I want to do this from my Example.java:

ExampleHTML page =
page.getElementTest().getFirstChild().setNodeValue("Czech characters ...
in utf-8");

Final output printed for my page request are bad messed encoded
But all utf-8 characters (untouched by java - set statically in HTML
file) are printed properly.

Java 1.4.2-09 + EE6.5-1 + Tomcat + Eclipse 3.0.0 (included with EE)
running all these on standard Debian Sarge 3.1 with ISO8859-2 locales.

Thank you for your advices.


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