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Welcome Message

Just a short message to say hello from the JavaService project, now that it 
is hosted on ObjectWeb.

I am John Rutter and I have been responsible for the JavaService software for 
the past couple of years, making it available from my company web site 
(www.multiplan.co.uk) with some minor enhancements and bug-fixes added to the 
initial software release previously available from Alexandria Software 

I am grateful to the ObjectWeb College of Architects in accepting this 
project as part of the open source software that they offer. This means that 
the JavaService software now has a permanent location for the future, and I 
hope that it will be able to benefit from a more structured community 

My intention is to continue with efforts to improve this software, sharing 
the information that is already available and increasing functionality and 
ease of use.

If you have any comments or questions about JavaService, please feel free to 
raise your questions in the forums on the web site, at 

John Rutter

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