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JavaService 1.2.4 available

A new release of the V1.2 JavaService utility is now available, under LGPL 
license terms.

Version 1.2.4 includes a further (optional) install parameter that allows the 
shutdown timeout to be specified for a service. The default value used by the 
application is 30 seconds. The value (default, or as specified on the 
command) is now written to the registry as a number of milliseconds. When the 
V1.2.4 service is invoked, it uses the value specified in the registry, or 
the coded-in default if a value is not found. This allows for 
backwards-compatibility with older service configuration details.

The use of the shutdown timeout is to specify the amount of time that may be 
required for the configured 'stop' method to complete execution on service 
shutdown. When the timeout expires, the JVM is forcibly terminated. If your 
stop process requires longer than 30 seconds to clean up normally, increase 
the value to give the service enough time for a controlled exit. If the stop 
method completes ahead of the timeout, the service will shut down normally 
without waiting for the timeout to complete.

You can specify a timeout on the install command with the optional last 
parameter '-shutdown 90' (for ninety second timeout). Once the value is 
stored in the registry (as 90000 milliseconds), you can update the value 
using RegEdit so that the change is picked up the next time that the service 
is invoked.

Note that Windows NT assumes a default shutdown time of 20 seconds for all 
services, but individual services can indicate the amount of time that they 
may take on shutdown and the system will then allow the service shutdown to 
take that long before flagging a failure.

If you wish to make use of this feature, you can download the binary and/or 
source ZIP file distributions from the usual location on the ObjectWeb Forge.

This feature will be supported in an entirely compatible mode in the 
forthcoming V2.0 software release of JavaService, from which stage further 
features may be added more often to improve the functionality of this utility.

Regards all,
John Rutter

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