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Jawe: Some answers...


let me answer a few questions about JaWE:

* TODO list for JaWE is:
    - to fix known bugs
    - to allow manual enter of workflow relevant data and workflow formal
parameter IDs
    - to accommodate JaWE to JGraph2.0 and to take advantage of it
    - to make JaWE more user friendly (keyboard shortcuts for moving through
the graph and accessing properties,  modeless dialogs for editing activity
properties, closing every dialog with ESC, ...)
    - to implement better checking when user wants to delete some process,
application, participant, workflow relevant data, ...
    - to reorganize code to be more logical and easier to maintain
    - ...
Of course, any other suggestion will be considered and possibly implemented.

* we had no plans to support FULL-BLOCKED and LOOP-BLOCKED modes in the next
version of JaWE, but we will consider implementing it. Of course, now you
can make FULL-BLOCKED and LOOP-BLOCKED structures with JaWE, but JaWE does
not implement check on it.

* The reason why one can't load an XPDL file saved by JaWE is the JaWE bug
for Linux users (I explained it before) - Linux users, in order to import an
XPDL file into JaWE, have to save the XPDL file to the path that consists of
all lowercases (including the file name).

* It is not possible to add some extended attribute to the process manually
(using JaWE features). The extended attribute column within the workflow
processes table will be removed - it is not supposed to be there. Extended
attributes for the process are written automatically by the JaWE in order to
reproduce the process graphs visually. The extended attributes that user can
enter manually are the ones for the activities, and are defined at the
model->user defined activity properties (previously there was some
discussion about that)


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