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RE: Jawe: Some answers...


> The JaWE specific extended attributes (in the sense of 
> manually defining and
> managing it - not automatically as activity position and so 
> on) are "User
> defined activity properties".
> Also, the workflow engine that will execute these XPDLs need 
> to be awared
> about these extended attributes in detail.

That's exactly what we would need, but also for processes.

Our workflow application needs extra information which belongs to processes.
Those extra values are defined in the Xpdl file, as process
ExtendedAttributes, and analyzed by our workflow engine.

So adding ExtendedAttributes for processes is very important for us.
Am I the only one in this situation ?
In that case I could reconsider our application logic ;)

The "User defined activity properties" is very handy to match our workflow
engine specs, that is why I was wondering if the same feature would be
possible for processes (and also if does make sense according to JaWe).

Thanks again.
Best Regards


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