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Jawe: JaWE on CVS

Hi everyone!

New version of JaWE is on CVS so you can access it.

Here are some short important news about new JaWE (JaWE 1.0beta2) version
(this is not complete list of fixed bugs, improvements and new features):
# Reading a XPDLs on Linux
# Saving dialog
# XPDL version
# Copying activities and transition references
# Dynamic change of language
# ESC key
# Automatically generated IDs use '_' character
# JaWE instead JProcessEditor
# XPDL as default file formal
# Using a namespace in XPDL
# Improved checking before deleting some entities
# Some visual improvements
# Using a jgraph 2.0
# ...
# Extended Attributes for all entities
# Manual entered IDs for some entities
# Easier editing a properties with modeless dialogs
# ALT+ENTER, ALT+CURSOR keys, ALT+BACKSPACE, Double-click, Delete features
# Self-Routed Transitions

Currently, we are working on new installation for this JaWE version with
NSIS installer. In a few days, we will upload this new installation of JaWE

Best regards,

P.S. In this version on CVS, documentation is with some images from previous
version of JaWE (sorry, our mistake). Some new documents and new images will
be put it on CVS and in the installation file very soon.

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