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Jawe: JaWE changes available on CVS


some important changes are made to JaWE, and put into CVS.

Here is the brief list of what is done:

Implemented, improved, corrected, changed:
1. Implemented: LDAP support (accessible from Package->Import external
participants menu)
 - You can connect to some LDAP server, get entries from it and then create
Participants from these entries.  The dialog for connecting to the LDAP
server and getting entries allows you to choose the objectClass type you
want to get from server, or to enter your own objectClass. After you press
OK, the entries from the server are put into list, where from you can select
some of them or all of them, and participants corresponding to these entries
will be created. You can choose or define your own objectClass tag that will
be mapped to the participant Id if possible. If objectClass is person (or
some kind of person), its name becomes the name of created participant. ....
- Some LDAP properties are controlled by property file entries
LDAPCountLimit and LDAPTimeLimit, which are explained within the property

2. Implemented: the possibility to change the position of an item within the
list by dragging it

3. Implemented: when entering actual parameters for subflow or application,
you can quickly view formal parameters by pressing the button for viewing it

4.Implemented: the possibility to edit Id attribute for Participant,
Application, Transition, Activity and FormalParameter,TypeDeclaration and
WorkflowProcess. Also, along with this, the redefinition of participants,
applications and workflow relevant data is possible.

5. Improved: check on ID validity is performed. Although it wasn't possible
to enter invalid ID, you could paste it into text box, and JaWE accepted
it - now the check is performed. Automatic ID generation is also improved.

6.  Improved: when BasicType or DeclaredType are shown within tables or
lists, its subtype is also displayed

7. Improved: the visual presentation of entities (takes less space to show

8. Improved: the class logic for xml panels (special panels introduced)

9. Corrected: multiple deadlines for activity allowed (corresponding to WfMC

10. Changed: ExtendedAttributes shown within table

11. Changed: some property file entries are changed and some new added

1. When activity was deleted and action was undone, the post-conditions
didn't exist
2. The dialog for connection errors and labels for participant type haven't
been completely language dependent

Best Regards,

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