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Re: Jawe: Order of Transitions Refs in Xor-Split

Hi Melon,

Thanks again for pointing us to JaWE misinterpretation of WfMC documentation. 
JaWE doesn't have possibility of controlling the order of TransitionRefs.
We will try to implement this feature as soon as we can.


Melon Gilles <gmelon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote :

> Hello,
> In the documentation of WfMC, you can read that in case of a Xor-Split,
> the order of the outgoing transition is important for evaluation.
> Cause when the engine evaluate the list of outgoing transition, it have to 
> stop 
> when he found:
> &nbsp;- one transition where his condition was evaluated as TRUE
> &nbsp;- one unconditional transition is found
> &nbsp;- one transition where his condition type is OTHERWISE
> So the order is done in the activity definition
> with the transitionRef list in his Transition Restriction (Split one).
> So I don't found in JaWE how to change this order ?
> Is it not already implemented, forgotten or my glasses are dirty :) ?
> Best regard.
> Gilles

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