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Jawe: Answers to Romans questions

Hi Roman,

let me answer your questions:

Why the type declarations are not automatically accessible from main
package? I would like to create package with type declarations and make
reference to this package.

according to the WfMC specification, type declarations from external
packages are not accessible from the main package. This is what WfMC
documentation say: The package reference allows the use within the package
or its contained objects of references to top-level entities in the
referenced external package:
* Process ids for subflow reference
* Workflow participant specifications
* Workflow application declarations

I have another question. Let's imagine that I want set participant P1 to
activity A1. Participant P1 is a role and work is actually done by
participant P2 (human). After that, there is an activity A2 - director
checks result of activity A1. If director is not satisfied by work made by
participant P2, he wants return the work back to activity A1. My question
is: How to define, that boss will return work back to the same participant
(P2)? How to define, that boss will return work back to the group of
WfMC says that performer could be expression, but JaWE doesn't allow
expression in performer's edit box.

Yes, JaWE doesn't allow performer to be an expression. Participants are
visually presented, and you are putting activities into them. The activities
performer is participant that holds it.
You can consider redesigning the process so that you actually use either the
human participant P2 or role participant P1 within diagram.

How would you write the expression if you had ability to define it?


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