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Jawe: suggest - how to solve my participant's problem

Hi Sasa
Thank you, for your answer :-)

Let's imagine that I want set participant P1 to
activity A1. Participant P1 is a role and work is actually done by
participant P2 (human). After that, there is an activity A2 - director
checks result of activity A1. If director is not satisfied by work made by
participant P2, he wants return the work back to activity A1. My question
is: How to define, that boss will return work back to the same participant
(P2)? How to define, that boss will return work back to the group of
WfMC says that performer could be expression, but JaWE doesn't allow
expression in performer's edit box.

I am not expert in XPDL, so I am not sure if I am right. I would like
to know your opinion..
I could prepare variable (workflow relevant data) and declare it as
participant type. The name for this variable could be PARTICIPANT.
At the beginning of the process I set variable PARTICIPANT to P1.
(PARTICIPANT = P1). I am not sure how to assign value to variable in
XPDL, it could be done by some invoked application for example.
For activity A1 the participant will be PARTICIPANT, actually P1.
When the activity A1 is executed, the proper participant P2 is
assigned as worker (by some automatic selection, or P2 do it
There could by some invoked application (tool in activity A1) which could
return real participant - P2 ( PARTICIPANT = GET_REAL_PERFORMER() ).
Then, when we return to A1 later, the proper participant P2 will be
What do you thing about it, am I right?
Thank you

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