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Jawe: Re: suggest - how to solve my participant's problem

Hi Roman,

> > Solution:
> > I am not expert in XPDL, so I am not sure if I am right. I would like
> > to know your opinion..
> > I could prepare variable (workflow relevant data) and declare it as
> > participant type. The name for this variable could be PARTICIPANT.
> > At the beginning of the process I set variable PARTICIPANT to P1.
> > (PARTICIPANT = P1). I am not sure how to assign value to variable in
> > XPDL, it could be done by some invoked application for example.
> > For activity A1 the participant will be PARTICIPANT, actually P1.
> > When the activity A1 is executed, the proper participant P2 is
> > assigned as worker (by some automatic selection, or P2 do it
> > himself).
> > There could by some invoked application (tool in activity A1) which could
> > return real participant - P2 ( PARTICIPANT = GET_REAL_PERFORMER() ).
> > Then, when we return to A1 later, the proper participant P2 will be
> > assigned.
> > What do you thing about it, am I right?
> > Thank you
> > Roman

I think that solution you proposed is generally OK. 
If you could use an expressions for assigning the activity performer, you 
could write a diagram where the first participant is the value of PARTICIPANT 
variable (at the beginning of the process set to the role P1). 
Your variable PARTICIPANT should be of BasicType Performer (or String type) 
representing participant Id.
In the run time, the work is delegated to the worklist of all participants 
that have a role P1. When some real participant, let's say P2, accepts the 
work , then he should set variable PARTICIPANT to it's Id P2 (or maybe it 
could be done by some automatically executed Tool of activity A1).
When he finishes the work, boss checks it, and if it is not OK, returns it 
back to the activity A1 which performer is now the value of PARTICIPANT 
variable, and that is the real participant P2, so the run-time engine 
delegates the work only to the P2 participant.

We have already planned to implement some default participant that could be 
free expression, which means that activities put in it will have an editable 
performer field.


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